Who are Los Titeres? And Why You Should Laugh at Them.

LosTiteres.TV is a show about a ragtag bunch of immigrant puppet outcasts putting on a rickety webisode series, which they’re hoping will turn into a half-hour TV show. Led by cranky Señor Loro (Fidel Castro’s ex-pet parrot), this series follows the behind-the-scenes chaos of working on a webisode series spoofing: immigrant issues, marijuana legalization, gay equality, talking marijuana plants, and spicy telenovelas (here called a "titerenovela") recounting a Latin couple’s Punch & Judy type relationship. Señor Loro has his work cut out for him to do a show and simultaneously: keep his friends from getting deported, legalizing Mary Juana, and considering their budget, not let anyone’s ping-pong eyeballs fall off!

Look at what we’re up to:

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